You have all been so incredibly kind

about these fractals I have been playing with. They are so incredibly simple to do a four year old could do them, even if it couldn’t read. I feel it only fair to share the knowledge with you all and you can all play nice. You download a free download of Tierazon. This is a plug in, (don’t even ask where it plugs, I have no idea, as far as I am concerned it is free standing on its own) You open it up and you get an image, you then open up the bars at the top and select something, anything, your shape will change, you add colours, spikes, bubbles, anything that is in the toolbar. If you get one that REALLY TAKES YOUR FANCY, FOR GOODNESS SAKE SAVE IT AND THEN GO BACK TO PLAYING WITH YOUR IMAGE, YOU GET ANOTHER YOU LIKE, SAVE IT, AND SO FORTH AND SO FORTH.(Sorry clashed the caps lock with my little finger, not going back, please bear with it. Hope you have as much fun with it as I have had. If you get stuck send me a bubble and if I can help I will. I am no expert by any means but I know how to hit buttons. Love and hugs to all Hilary

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