Here I am

Thank you toots for recommending this delightful site. The standard of all the art work is wonderful and the photography magnificent. I only hope I do not let the side down. I have been taking pictures since I was seven years old, I had polio and my Grandfather bought me a box Brownie in blue leather for my birthday. I loved it and even when no one bought me film I still snapped happily away. It was a wonderful thing to buy a child who couldn’t get out and play with other children. I also paint and I write. Full books I am afraid so they cannot go on here, unless they are serialized into 500 words at a time (HA HA) I have a challenging job so my hobbies are important to me. I also have one dog now and four cats., my other little dog having passed. I will post some pictures of my cats and dog in the appropriate place. I am so pleased I have joined this site. I feel right at home already., people are so very kind. Thank you all.

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