Sweet Chutney

You do not cook this one.You need Apples, Onions , Sugar, Vinegar and dried fruit.

Cut up your apples and onions small, or mince if you prefer, Place them in a bowl, and add the dried fruit, Pour over Sugar, about two cupfuls to start in a fairly large bowl, make it less if the bowl is less, cover with vinegar, I use sherry, or Raspberry vinegar, but ordinary is fine. Stir.
Cover this with a clean cloth and leave.
Every day you stir it, and every day the vinegar will be absorbed into it, by the end of the week, all the vinegar will be into the fruit, and it is ready to jar up. Again put a cling film over the top of the filled jars and place the lid tightly on it.
Enjoy. hugs.
(Franz eats a 2pound jar of this in a week, he has it with everything haha. It is wonderful with Salads, cheese and bread, chips and whatever, most things.
Enjoy. hugsxxx

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