Recipe for Schnapps Liqueur.

Fruit of your choice, I use Raspberries, Strawberries, Sloes, Pears, Apples. Apricots and Peaches. all separately of course. I hasten to add at this point, I don’t drink haha. I make them for my family and friends.

A bottle of good Vodka
and the fruit of your choice.
You need a clean glass jar, better if it is coloured.
Half fill the jar with your prepared fruit (i.e. peeled, cored and cut up)
Pour on your Vodka until it is about two thirds full, leave room for the sugar.
Add sugar, at this juncture it does not really matter how much, just use about a cup full, stir
Put on the lid and leave.
Every day you stir the concoction., and when you have finished and before you put the spoon to be washed, taste it,
Use your discretion and add sugar if and when you feel it needs it. The more sugar added the more of a liqueur it becomes.
This goes on for six weeks
Then you decant, through a sieve, and bottle.
If you are very brave you can use the fruit that is finished with in ice-cream, but make sure you aren’t going anywhere and you are not driving, remember that fruit is about 90 percent proof.
If you have will power and can leave it for a year, it just gets smoother and smoother, but if you have no will power, then enjoy. hugsxxx

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