Further to what Ginger said

the other day someone wrote a journal saying that some of the work on here is not so good and yet people were praising it, This has disturbed me a bit, because there is always something to see in a picture which can be commented on positively., and my Father bless him, has a saying. ‘If you cannot think of something good to day, don’t say anything’  I think this is true of Red Bubble comments also, IF you don’t like it, leave it alone and pass by, do not criticize unless it is constructive criticism to help that person get it right, and then do it in a bubble., do not humiliate anyone in full view of everyone else. A lot of artists, in fact most I would say, have tender egos, and are easily knocked back, they are their own worst critics, and if they are criticized openly on here they may never create another thing in the whole of their lives, and this would be a sin, and a sin against God, because he gave us all this talent.. It says on the comment button, please play nice. Please Please, play nice, and give everyone a sporting chance., everyone deserves that., and you will be rewarded by seeing that person start to shine like the star they are. love and hugs to all.xxx

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