This is the cheeky e-mail I received.

Thank you for your inquiry with Barmensen Laboratories.

We are currently collecting your funds at the moment. Please do not continue to e-mail our customer service center, we have no interest in serving your needs and will continually delay your requests so we may charge your account further. Once you have been charged we will do everything in our power to keep your monies; refunds are last on our list of priorities. Any attempt to contact a higher authority such as your credit card company, bank, or the better business bureau will be an exercise in futility. We will continue to do so until we have overdrawn your account to its maximum.
Please do not attempt to contact us as we do not care about your problems. Any subsequent response from us will be an effort to placate you to withdraw further funds from your account.

Best regards,

Paula Diaz
Pure Life Research
Customer Care Specialist

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