For all of you from me.

According to the ancient Law of Karma, we are the architects of our own fate. Karma is the result of our past actions and own present doings. So all the good we do in this life comes back to us threefold. My grandfather ( a very wise old man) used to say. ‘Cast thy bread upon the waters and it comes back buttered’ meaning of course that whatever good you do always comes back, but much better, The same goes of course for bad deeds, what goes round comes around,. Sometimes in life people can be very trying, but I always say to myself, ‘they are paying you back for whatever you did to them in a previous life’ Some people I feel a responsibility for, for no reason whatsoever, and feel I have to do things for them, way above the realms of duty. I can only hope that whatever Karma I had built up previously I have paid, or am
paying back. So when someone hurts you, try to forgive them by thinking that maybe you hurt them previously and this is your way of working out your Karma.
Love you all and God Bless. xxxx

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