Just to make you laugh

It is Bank Holiday Monday here in England and everyone has a day off, or supposed to have a day off, but I thought I would pop on her and give you all a laugh.

Remember the Blackcurrants in the garden? Well I made Jam, solid as a rock Jam with wonderful black currants still whole in in, so you tasted the fruit. Well, I gave a jar to an elderly relative., and the next time I saw him I asked if he had enjoyed it.
his reply ’ It wasn’t cooked enough’.
me. ‘Pardon? how was it not cooked enough?’
him ’ It still had big lumps of fruit in it, so I knew it wasn’t cooked enough’’

I started to laugh and he was most put out at me laughing and retorted. ‘Well it wasn’t’.

Believe me dear friends if it had been cooked any more I wouldn’t have been able to get it in the jar nevermind out.!!! hahaha
I have just made some Strawberry with whole fruits still in it but I am not going to give him any because he will think it isn’t cooked. haha. hugs to all.

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