I feel I should explain

A lot of you have asked why the zodiac series is not for sale, it actually is in cards, best of, but I stuck too closely to the original representation by the artist, and I am afraid I could be breaking copyright laws if I put them up for sale on RB. I know they look different because they are abstracted, but the original concept is still there, If I copied one of the Old Masters, and I did it too well, I couldn’t in all honesty put it up for sale on RB, now could I?
To compensate, for any disappointment, If you like an image or imagery that is your birth sign, then take it and make your own card. Because Honestly, I would not feel right selling them on RB. I only did them as a tribute and remembrance of a great artist.
I am so pleased you are enjoying them, and I will continue until the 12 of the series are up.I will also add bits of details of your sign for you. I will go back and add in edit to the ones already up. Love you all. Hugs Hilary xxx

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