Haha i laugh at the day cause it sucks for me, im not here to complain about anything but it seems that everytime something amazing hapens, life likes to fuck me over!!!!! this is to all the people who have loved or ever been in love and have had to tear away the loved ones, or have been torn away. It seems like I can get close to somone and they love me and respect me for a long time and then out of the blue shit happens and you know what it all ends. this always FUCKING happens, every girl i meet, takes what they want and then storms away, with their secrets and lies, and then my close buddies, they use me for my things and then wheneever i have a problem i can’t go to them cause they are busy doing something stupid. Im a tool who is FUCKING fed up with life and everyone, its time that all people, including myself, stand up for themselves and say FUCK YOU SOCIETY and all the people that hurt and use us. espically the ones who lie to you and say they love. There is no shuch thing as LOVE its all commercial now, I want to burn the love and turn everyone into the poeple they really are, FUCKING ABUSERS!!. Yea if your reading this and have ever done something you regret, don’t worry about the ones you hurt, there fine, there in the corner crying and wishing for death, there the ones who once had hope but now are lost again, so yea go back to your goody too shoe lives and dont worry bout us, were fine we dont need you, we say FUCK YOU AND YOUR PITY!!! next time give me truth and death, instead of lies and suffering FUCK EVERYONE!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!

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