Aliens. did you know

The next monumental event to confront the human race will be the arrival of beings from other worlds. My Art attempts to help us prepare for this eventuality by giving us conceptual views of Aliens, vessels, Cities and other worlds.

If the world powers were to admit to the arrival and presence of Aliens there would be a worldwide collapse of all governments, religious hysteria and chaos in the street.

And the end of the ruling billionaires. Therefore the nations of the world ’debunk’ the Alien stories.

But Aliens have been here. Fortunately of us these Aliens have no interest in us except as brothers. They have a genuine interest in showing us our self-destructive nature. They are concerned that we may explode mega bombs that could disturb existing gravitational fields that effect the balance in the universe. Otherwise they view us a primitive and uninteresting species.

This is an actual photo taken by Viking in 1976. In 1993 a Voyager craft passed over the same spot to take further photos. According to NASA, all contact with the Billion Dollar vessel was lost once the vessel was directly over the site.

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