How to Tell Alligators from Crocodiles

<P>If it’s coming toward you, it’s a crocodile!</P> <P>That’s one way to tell. Crocodiles have a bad reputation, especially sea-going crocodiles.</P> <P>I read a book some time back about a young Scottish <a href="">North Face</a> woman who married a modern Robinson Crusoe. They stayed together for sometime on a Pacific island. Eventually the island beat them and they had to either leave or die <a href="">North Face Womens</a> of the scurvy.</P> <P>The island they stayed on was not the island of choice. The island they wanted to stay on had a half-dozen sea-going crocodiles. <a href="">Mens North Face Jackets</a> The Australian Government told them they could not go to that island because there was no way they could possibly survive with a half-dozen crocs crawling around at night.</P> <P>Recently we have read and heard on TV about Florida gators attacking pets and people. The population of alligators in Florida continually increases because they are protected by law. I guess <a href="">North Face Outlet</a> as the gator count goes up, the pet count goes down. (When we lived in the mountains of Arizona, the cat population went down. Mountain lions were eating them.)</P> <P>Here is an amazing report that <a href="">UGG Jimmy Choo</a> I had never read before from </P> <P>”Most Deaths Caused By Crocodiles</P> <P>”The crocodile attack to claim the most human lives took place on February 19, 1945, when an Imperial Japanese Army unit guarding a stronghold on the Burmese island of Ramree was outflanked by a British naval force. <a href="">moncler jackets sale</a> The soldiers were forced to cross 16 km (10 miles) of mangrove <a href="">moncler</a> swamps to rejoin a larger battalion of the Japanese infantry. The swamps were home to thousands of 4.6-m (15-ft) saltwater crocodiles. Come the next morning, only 20 of the 1,000 Japanese soldiers had survived.</P> <P>Like I said, if it’s coming toward you, it’s a crocodile!</P> <P>The End</P> <P>Alligator, crocodile, <a href="">discount moncler jackets</a> Australia, Ramree, Burma, Japanese, Military, soldiers, deaths, sea-going crocodile, nature, tragedy, mangrove, swamp</P> <P>copyright?2006 John T. Jones, Ph.D.</P>

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