Whilst I am not qualified to render technical advice…I guess I may be excused for presenting an observation that is cause for some concern::::::

WARNING my friends,‭ ‬stop and have a long think about how you are saving your most treasured creations.

Last week I was inspired to review one of my writings from fifteen years back…Problem was just like Old Mother Hubbard,‭ ‬when I got to the cupboard,‭ ‬there was not a lot to see.
Oh yes,‭ ‬the covers were there but over the years the print on the A4‭ ‬sheets had all run away.

Two cups of coffee later and having survived this great disaster of literature disappearance..I decided to rather dismally explore the rest of my house.
My quite large vynil record collection was virtually unplayable.
Likewise my cassettes.
My Beta VHS tapes would now be useless.
My DVDs I am advised are considered to be terminal because advances in technology will make them obsolete….plus there is mucho written to claim what has been saved to a DVD may not be there to see after‭ ‬5‭ ‬years.
Some years ago everything I wrote and saved on my dedicated Brother Word processor would no longer be able to be seen.
Everything I saved on Floopys and a mass of material saved upon a special‭ “‬A‭” ‬drive storage could now visit the wheelie bin.
The expensive programs I purchased might as well disappear in the same direction because they will never talk to Vista.
Even the beaut,‭ ‬perfectly good printer I purchased some years back,‭ ‬became a donation elsewhere because the company no longer made a driver to work on XP.
When looking at the family photo albums the pics taken in the days of black‭ & ‬white and hand painted colour were just fine…BUT…the colour‭ ‬pics taken a few years back were sad to say fading away to go live with the fairies.
When you go and buy some equipment of late the store will most likely advise you to hang onto your sales docket because you must present that to claim on warranty.
What a joke,‭ ‬I of course religiously save such dockets,‭ ‬my TV remote went on strike,‭ ‬No worries the docket lives inside the manual…Well sob,‭ ‬sob,‭ ‬the docket certainly was still stored there in case required,‭ ‬except now it was a blank strip of paper.
Much like Faxes which it seems also have a brief shelf life.
Heck my external drive that holds‭ ‬300gb of storage,‭ ‬I cannot even trust anymore,‭ ‬because give another five years it may well be an artistic blob of useless plastic.
Probably I have many more useless equipment storing‭ “‬treasures‭”‬…That I have yet to discover….Still have one bedroom and toilet to search.
Recently I have taken out an extra insurance by uploading some specials for saving on GMAIL
You know,‭ ‬the sad bit is our museums hold handwritten letters and printed matter produced long ago and still in excellent condition.‭ ‬I just wonder where our modern technology is taking us.‭ ‬PLEASE GIVE SOME THOUGHT ABOUT HOW YOU SAVE YOUR TREASURES.

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