Socialistic humanist, designated friend of Fishes of Sahul, survivor of numerous occupations including commercial referee, motel management, professional aquaria and wildlife collector, book & record shoppe proprietor, Asian food business. Personal cancer creator, wheatgrass and sprout producer, brewer of green tea with fresh ginger, and sometimes as she is writ sorta bloke. My favourite food is yumcha.

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The Gold Coast Bubble-meet 20/6/09

There was movement at the Gold Coast, for the word had passed around. / That the filly Vic Ferrari, needed Bubblers for the day. / Yeah they came like wild bush bush horses, there was thunder in the sound / Still the camera cracks did gather to the fray. / All the tried and noted Bubblers from parts both near and far, had mustered at the parklands overnight. / For the camera buffs love hard click…
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AN…….‭ ‬OBSERVATION. / Whilst I am not qualified to render technical advice…I guess I may be excused for presenting an observation that is cause for some concern:::::: / WARNING my friends,‭ ‬stop and have a long think about how you are saving your most treasured creations. / Last week I was inspired to review one of my writings from fifteen years back…Problem was just lik…
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New novel

I’ve just put the finishing touches to my latest novel, Franz Kafka Molekel Never Did Die. / A flash of lightning, a shuffling of molecules, and life for Franz Kafka Molekel will never be the same. His sudden metamorphosis from a bright young lad into an energetic and clever jack russell terrier brings a neverending series of amazing challenges and adventures into Franz’s life. / Cover and …
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Henry Dalton esq.

Quite unexpectedly, when newfound friends arrived to greet me, I was obliged to extend my left hand and cup the right breast of Ms Crystal …


Poor Oscar shut his eyes while he tried to estimate the ever-increasing monetary cost of this pointless exercise. Then he heard the fateful…


“You can have that in three words, son,” said Reggie. “Understanding and compromise.”


Discussing social affairs with Willie was like trying to hold an intelligent conversation with a deranged metronome.


However, Briac Gawain Caratacus, known to his friends and associates as the Beloved One, was far from normal and most definitely not the pe…


‘Pray tell me kind sir,’ asked the little storyteller, ‘what must I do when I enter inside the bubble?’


I reckon the kids’ schooling, under a highly-educated university-trained dole bludger, shows much foresight and excellent employment …


‘Come quickly, Clappers, Matthieu is in terrible pain. He was rolling around like a cut snake until I asked Ida Downs to sit on him w…

ENVIRONMENTAL HUGGING : An environmental tale for…

‘Pretty good, I reckon. She has me shaving and wearing shoes. But Milly is a bit of a worry. I suspect she is Being Ockerrooed.’

Angus McDougall Padric O’Toole

‘Angus McDougall Padric O’Toole?’ There was dead silence until a little voice piped up with ’That’s him stand…

Just a Load of Hot Air

‘Is it true, Miss Nette’, asked the over-awed star reporter, ’that you intend to go skywards in that little itty-bitty sh…

The Curse of Doctor Fangelstein

They say you never forget your first encounter. She was a sweet nubile being who offered him everything Matthew could wish to experience.
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