Trouble on the double...

First the HDD landed on the floor….but I didn’t give any notice to it…as I was about to leave on holiday!
Weeks went by and then I realise there is work to be done….! Plug in, swich on…the light came on…but nobody’s home…try again…reboot…just the light…my heart missed a beat and jumped right up into my throat…what if…????NOOOOO!

I quickly phoned a friend in IT…“oh, you can through it out, it’s done!” NOOOOO! Maybe someone else can help…phone another, maybe, maybe not?! Well, come Monday I went to the computer guy and ask him to analise the HDD….after a few minutes he just looked at me and shook his head…sorry! Now all I can do is take it to the lab and see if they can recover anything…!
They came back and said they might be able to recover 80%! Whoohoo! Thank God! It will take seven working days! I don’t care as long as they can recover, I will be happy!
While visiting a friend I received a e-mail….sorry but after close inspection…we cannot recover anything…..!!!! WHAT?!!! NOOOOO!
Last week was a rollercoaster week! One day up the next plummeting to the ground, and just before I hit the ground at a staggering speed, relief and the the rise again…just to curve back down…know the feeling?

It’s times like these when you brain freezes and you cannot think clearly, everything just seems dazzed and murky…but when you just breath in and relax the answers come to you and you think…why didn’t I think of that in the first place?! Well, thanks to friends with “clear water minds” I realise that all is not lost, there is always the recovery program for your memory disks! What a blessing! So this week is going to be a not so bumpy ride – thanks my friend! xxx

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