Are You Afraid of Friday 13 ?

We have to take extra care on “FRIDAY 13” in my country. I don´t know how widespread the scare is of this date. As soon as an accident, let alone a disaster, happens on this combination of number and day, people at once put it down to being a “sinister day”. And of course people sometimes do get struck on those dates, like on all kinds of other combinations!

I think I have figured out the reason for this superstition. Like to hear why it came to be like this?

All right, here we go: Once upon a time very long ago in the faraway land of southern France there lived people who very much revered something they called “fertility”.
They observed it all around themselves, the world seemed to be full of creatures who could multiply ! It was a great mystery of life and the most holy of all the sacred mysteries of life.
In the caves they used to celebrate the abundance of wild herds that they saw on the plains, like horses, cattle and others that nourished them and made this a good place to live. They painted the sacred animals, buried their dead and ate their meals in the caves.
They also observed the wanderings of stars and planets and how there were seasons that could be relied upon to come back with regular intervals. Probably they made marks to know when it was time for certain things to happen. Since those caves were such good shelters to dwell in, groups of people settled for long periods and that made time observations easier.
On a rock just by the entrance of one such cave, in Laussel in France, there is SCULPTED A WOMAN FIGURE in relief. She is mature and not the skinny type, on the contrary, her breasts can feed her young and secure their survival, thats obvious!
Her left hand points towards her genitals and in her uplifted right hand she is holding a bison horn, as if she is going to drink out of it. THE HORN HAS 13 LINES INGRAVED ON ITS SURFACE !!!
Women who live together in communities start to menstruate simultaneously. And IN ONE SOLAR YEAR WOMEN MENSTRUATE 13 TIMES, during full moons!!! Guess if this became a very SIGNIFICANT NUMBER. Also in those days marriage was not yet invented and women could produce offspring…so they figured that GOD WAS A WOMAN!
MOTHER EARTH WAS EVERYONE´S MOTHER!!! And the eldest woman of the clan was regarded as its head. As its clan leader. And was respected as a representative of the Earth Mother. They probably had names for the goddess that were too holy to say.

In Norse mythology the goddesses have strong positions, and wield a good deal of power as late as during the Viking Age. Our equivalent of the Earth Mother was Frigga,
in forced marriage (after the war between the Vanir and the Asir) with Odin/Wodan, who is remembered on the day of Wednesday. “Freyja” meaning “woman/wife” is remembered on the day of Friday. FRIDAY!!!

Well…times and religions tend to change!!!
The Oden-followers gave some of the holy characteristics of the MOTHER to Oden!
He became the “ALL-FATHER”. When, in the 11th cenury, the Catholic faith was introduced in Scandinavia by the ruling families who had come across this new way of life on their many raids in Christian countries, the bishops understood that certain practices and beliefs were contrary to what they had learnt to accept about God, the Allmighty. The people would have to un-learn a lot of their convictions.
Dear old “Freyja-Woman” whose common nickname was “Lusse”, was covered over by a “Saint Lucia”. We still celebrate her to this day, though, under the new name!!!
Happens to be her day on DECEMBER 13 !!!

The NUMBER 13 WAS STIGMATIZED AND SO WAS FREYJA´S DAY when they happened to coincide. And so are the black cats that used to pull Freyja´s wagon across the sky!
People spit 3 times when their way is crossed by a black cat! And they are very nervous on a Friday 13th…Are you?

Are You Afraid of Friday 13 ?


Angered, Sweden

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