50 things about me you didn’t need to know

great idea shannon!

50 things about me you didn’t need to know

1. Do you like blue cheese?
no it is too f’n sharp for me

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette?
yes long ago but i have stopped now

3. Do you own a gun?
no and most likely wont

4. What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
went there once and there drinks suck

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
only if it is for very personal things

6. Do you like hot-dogs?
yes with kd is the best

7. Favorite Christmas Song?
its began to look a lot like Christmas or the Grinch only cuz it makes me laugh

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
red rose tea or fruit punch depends what time morning is for me

9. Can you do push-ups?
like one

10. What’s your favorite meal?
my lazy lasagna because i can make it different every time

11. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
my wedding ring from mitch it makes me feel so loved whenever i look at it

12. Favorite hobby?
cooking or messing around with pics on the cpu or taking pics its tie

13. Do you work with people who idolize you?
i guess kind of i am a say at home mom

14. Name a trait that you hate about yourself?
how mad i get wish i could change that

16. Middle name?

17. Name 3 thoughts at this moment:
i am so tired
Why isn’t Mishelle awake
I wish Mitch was home

18. Name 3 things you bought yesterday:
baby food
Gross chocolete skittles

19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink.
Fruit punch

20. Current worry right now?
Mishelle health

21. Current hate right now?
how hard it is to sleep because it affects my health

22. Favorite place to be?
any where with my family

23. How did you bring in New Years?
in a hospital having my little angel she brings me so much joy best new year yet

24. Favorite place to go?
the forks with Mitch it has a lot of good memories with him

25. What is your most recurring dream?
Mitch leaving me for some one younger and taking Mishelle i know its waked

26. Introvert or extrovert?
both really depends the situation

27. What color shirt are you wearing?
light brown

28. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
once they suck

29. Can you whistle?

30. Favorite color(s)?
pink purple black

31. Would you be a pirate?
hell ya

32. What songs do you sing in the shower?
i hardly shower but when i do i sing whatever is stuck in my head

33. Favorite girl’s name?
emma-lee or mishelle

34. Favorite boy’s name?
josh or luke

35. What’s in your pocket right now?

36. Last thing that made you laugh?
mitch in the car making fun of something

37. Bed sheets as a child?
white with flowers

38. Worst injury you’ve ever had?
steped on a nail and got hit in the eye

39. Do you love where you live?
no but i am moving

40. How many TV’s are in your house?
2 one isnt pluged in no room no use

41. What is your worst habit?
worrying about mitch cheating

42. How many dogs do you have?
one but he loves my mom more now so i guess i have none

43. Does someone have a crush on you?
Mitch does

45. What is your favorite book?
hey Nostradamus! Really brings life in to prospective

46. What is your favorite candy?
candy canes! All the way

47. What is your favorite sports team?

48. What song do you want played at your funeral?
hmmm something good like day old hate or save your scissors it would make my mom laugh if she was still around

49. What were you doing at 12 AM last night?
telling mitch to go to bed

50. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?
why is mishelle awake

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