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Helene Ruiz was born January 15, 1958 in New York City. She has exhibited and curated numerous shows and is the founder of The Urban...


A Funny thing happened early this morning, an ex (from 32 yrs ago, I was only 22 then lol) contacted me to say he was compelled to apologize to me for who he was then…He said that thru these yrs he realized his severe jealousy was due to his misinterpretation of my ability to love all..lol…he said he confused my love of others as flirtatious and would become enraged because he thought it was because i had romantic interests in them, and that he was afraid I would leave him for someone else. He said he has since learned over the course of his life, that it was because he did not understand someone to be that giving to others and realized it was why he loved me in the first place, because that was who i was. He could not understand why I would feed people. give them a place to stay, do their laundry, watch their kids, and do what a mother or wife would be expected to do because he never had a friend like that. He said he would get angry when i helped friends that betrayed me, talked shit about me, and I still “did” for them. I accepted his apology and told him it was refreshing to know he had learned from his experience and grown and become this person and that I hoped he applied this to his relationship with his wife. He said he did, and that now that he “came clean” with me, he felt like a load was lifted. I was truly moved, and of course the relationship then was so toxic, and remained a memory like a bad dream, I too, felt like a load was lifted to know that chapter in my life “book” has found its final paragraph and I am glad to know he is living a more peaceful life and has a strong trusting relationship with his wife and family. At 54 yrs old, I know that more than 1/2 my life has passed by already, and even though many of my younger years I felt I wasted, those wasted years also were a part of the growing and learning process. As I get older the pieces to this puzzle called life, smoothly find their place in the big picture. I believe once all the pieces find their home in the puzzle that my reason here will be done.

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