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Helene Ruiz was born January 15, 1958 in New York City. She has exhibited and curated numerous shows and is the founder of The Urban...

Dear Sally

Dearest Sally, something i read at my best friend’s funeral 2 yrs ago…changed the name to suit your situation….
Moe is not gone, he just slipped into another room. Whatever he was to you, he still is. Call him by his familiar name and speak to him the same as always with no difference in your tone.Laugh with him like always, let his name be a household word like always, let his name be spoken without effect, without a trace of shadow in it. Just because he is out of sight does not mean he is out of mind, heart and spirit. He is somewhere around the corner waiting for the rest of us. Noone’s death comes to pass without making an impression, and those close to him, especially you, Sally, will inherit his liberated soul and become richer as a person. Moe has shed his physical body as a butterfly sheds its coccoon. It is a transition to a higher state of conciousness where he continues to percieve, understand, laugh, love and grow.There is a land of life and there is a land of death and a bridge of love. That bridge is the meaning of true survival.

Know that we care, Sally. xox

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