My new blog

Hi all. I’ve added a new blog which is attached to my web page called Fractal of the week, where I’ll be posting some of my new unpublished work as well as random musings and news. You can check it out here If you want to comment please do it on the page so I can see if it will get past my email security! You can also subscribe to keep up to date with my new work. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. :o)

My new web page

After many months of considering and weighing various options I finally made myself a web page a few days ago and I’d love to get your feedback on it here .
I’m kind of biased so do feel free to tell me if you think any aspect of it could be improved! :o)

Apologies and a quick catch up

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been around much these last few months, and I just want to let you know it’s not through lack of interest in redbubble or your great creative work. The universe has been squeezing me in a number of different ways that I won’t go into now, but it’s meant that my energy has been focused in other directions, and keeping up with all the commenting I should be doing has begun to look like mission impossible. I’m so far behind now that I doubt I’ll ever catch up, so my apologies to the people I’ve neglected and I hope to be spending more time on here in the new year.
I had a solo exhibition way back in August and I want to thank Frannie again for being the perfect hostess, and also everyone who stopped by to wish me well on the night.
I also want to than…


Hi folks
I just uploaded the promo for my new book to youtube and thought you might like to check it out as it has a really cool soundtrack! Don’t forget the free shipping til 24 Nov here.
- For AUD: RedBubble-09
- For EUR: RedBubble-094
- For GBP: RedBubble-093
- For USD: RedBubble-092

My first book

Well I couldn’t resist Redbubble’s new promo, so I’ve just created my first art book on Blurb called Fractal worlds: A journey into vibration and light here and I’d love some feedback on it! In case you missed the promo, you’ll get free shipping on all Blurb books you purchase before midnight 24 Nov. For those who’d like to buy a copy the discount codes are;

- For AUD: RedBubble-09
- For EUR: RedBubble-094
- For GBP: RedBubble-093
- For USD: RedBubble-092

You're all invited...

to my very first solo exhibition right here on the bubble!

My work is showing from today until Sunday, and my reception is on Friday at 8pm Perth time – look here for your local time. I’ll be around for a couple of hours and I hope you’ll all come and join me to celebrate!

Recent features

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me featureswise on the bubble.
Creation 3

was featured in A Spiritual Walk

was featured in A Fractal Energy Passion
Solstice angel 2

was featured in Core
Between the worlds 12

was featured in A Fractal Energy Passion Flame Apophysis and The Healing Journey
The fall of Icarus

was featured in Digital Abstracts and Patterns
Secret garden 2

was featured in A Fractal Energy Passion and South West Art and Photography
and Enchanted forest

was featured in South West Art and Photography

Many thanks to all the hosts involved – your hard work is always appreciated!

Another milestone

Sometime in the last few days I clocked 150,000 views on the redbubble odo. When I began uploading my art in April 2007 I didn’t think of myself as an artist as I hadn’t been doing any art for a number of years. It’s only due to this amazing community and you wonderful people that I have grown into that way of seeing myself. You gave me the support I needed and provided the motivation for me to start creating again. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have encouraged and supported me in my journey over the last couple of years – you’ve made the journey very special.

Soft porn - do we need it on redbubble?

There is a discussion on changing the redbubble guidelines on pornography to include more of the soft porn we have been seeing around the galleries lately. Please come and add your perspective to the mix.

If you want to add your support to changing the guidelines you can vote here

Exciting news!

Web of life

is going to be published and distributed Australia wide as an Avantcard tomorrow, as a part of their Calling all artists project. So if you fancy some free postcards and you’re in Australia nip in to one of their outlets and grab yourself a few. :o)

A cause that's close to my heart

When we think of the bushfires in Victoria most of us think of human lives lost and homes destroyed, but the biggest sufferers from this huge tragedy are the wild animals who by some miracle managed to survive the flames. They’ve lost their habitat and are in desperate need of our help. I’m pledging all profits from the sales of these images to WRAPP

You can also make a direct donation by clicking the link above, or join the Wildlife Appeal and donate some of your own work. Please give what you can to help the animals.

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