Video montage group

For those of you who don’t know muscularteeth has just released a video montage of redbubble artworks on YouTube. You can check it out at
(sorry, I’d link it if I could).
He’s just about to produce another one and if you want your work included, you can join the group and submit 2 pieces for a bit of free advertising!

New group

Hey everyone
Just wanted to let you know there’s a new group called the Mixed Media Group just started today. It’s for images that combine different artistic mediums such
as a traditional painting with some digital painting, or fractals with printmaking, or posers with photographs, etc. This is for all artistic mediums. Digital and traditional mediums are welcome in any combination! If you’re interested the addy is

Thank you

A big thank you to the person who bought a mounted print of Horses 2. I’ve been away for a few days and it was such a joy to get back and find this sale! Thanks so much and I hope it brings you joy.

My first card sale!!

I’ve been away for a couple of days and got back yesterday to a lovely surprise to find that I’ve sold my first card! Thanks so much to whoever bought Seated woman – I hope it gives you as much enjoyment as you’ve given me by buying it!

Thank you

I just went into my sales section in the new monitor and found that I’ve actually made 2 sales instead of one! It did come up on my monitor on the day I made the first sale but I thought because it was the same image in the same format it must be the same sale. Apparently not. So to the other person who bought the framed print of Horses 2 that wonderful day thank you so very much!!!

Please check out this website

I know there are many people here who meditiate and are deeply concerned about the state of our beautiful planet. I have just come across an amazing website that offers us a way to contribute our energy to its healing. If you have read and appreciated my poem Gaia – she is rising, if you are concerned about the rapidly deteriorating state of our beautiful home, please check out this website and read this woman’s amazing story.

chinese puzzle

chinese puzzle…

what storm has come and gone
steamer across the green water
churning in it’s wake
a broken bottle a faded wrapper
they bob in rainbow coloured oilslicks
a grey faced litter
spread out against
the winding sheet of desire

dismembered lover
all night long
for more nights now
than I care to remember
you sing your dirge
from watery places
where the faces of drowned sailors
rise up again to meet me

whispering of whorled shells
crevices I have yet to encounter
and floating old dried skulls
here is your mother
what will you make of her now
chinese puzzle with one piece missing
confounding touch as always
where will you place her

memory is distilled
through a marrow of misplaced promises
broken trust
colours the water dark
while the sea squid squirts
clouds of black ink
to counter
the familiar numbing spread o


Just wanted to say a big thank you to the great redbubble people for featuring me and some of my work on the front page, and for creating this fascinating and wonderful space to play in! So thanks guys – you’re the best!



did i think
if I left my body untended
I would lose the way back
drown in my mother’s image
who is lost
and drifting aimlessly
in unknown shoreless seas

did I make
of thought an anchor
and a crown
a heavy chainbound god
to whom I clung
in desperation
with nothing else
to call my own

the world I inhabit
is not my own
I squat
on the shore
counting and recounting
particles of sand
my father’s house
is crumbling to the ground

if I am finally set adrift
washed free by waves
and pulled
into the tidal swell
all markers will be lost
and I
a piece of driftwood
bleached to bone
might drift to shore again

might not return

Thanks guys

Thank you so much to everyone who has commented on my work so far – I’ve been greatly encouraged and energised by the things you’ve said. This is the first time I’ve posted my art on the web – if I’d known how much fun it could be I’d have tried it years ago!

I've been inspired to add a couple of my poems by some great poetry I just read...

James at the Beach…

I weigh in my glance
the curved retina of your child’s eye
as you dance our tenuous link
to the very edge of water,
pirouette in sand
then skip out over waves,
turning to catch my eye again.
This is your dance.

I am fixed in this movement -
gravity laden witness to your incandescence,
for all the world like a mother who knows
this peculiar kind of weightlessness
to be a trick of light,
and assumes that the sun, having risen,
will also invariably set.


By day she follows me,
Living enigma
or sphinx -
and in her eyes a craving
carried from some unspeakable recess
where thought and form
melt in primal foam.

She wounds me -
bleeding herself
and trailing her fate behind her
like a cross.
Mad Cassandra -
her vision peeling
the skein o

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