chinese puzzle

chinese puzzle

what storm has come and gone
steamer across the green water
churning in it’s wake
a broken bottle a faded wrapper
they bob in rainbow coloured oilslicks
a grey faced litter
spread out against
the winding sheet of desire

dismembered lover
all night long
for more nights now
than I care to remember
you sing your dirge
from watery places
where the faces of drowned sailors
rise up again to meet me

whispering of whorled shells
crevices I have yet to encounter
and floating old dried skulls
here is your mother
what will you make of her now
chinese puzzle with one piece missing
confounding touch as always
where will you place her

memory is distilled
through a marrow of misplaced promises
broken trust
colours the water dark
while the sea squid squirts
clouds of black ink
to counter
the familiar numbing spread of fear

paralysis you say
may be a more comfortable alternative
to dismemberment
which is the cure
but perhaps it’s my own voice I hear
insinuating drily
that no language will be left me
when I abandon despair

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