I've been inspired to add a couple of my poems by some great poetry I just read...

James at the Beach

I weigh in my glance
the curved retina of your child’s eye
as you dance our tenuous link
to the very edge of water,
pirouette in sand
then skip out over waves,
turning to catch my eye again.
This is your dance.

I am fixed in this movement -
gravity laden witness to your incandescence,
for all the world like a mother who knows
this peculiar kind of weightlessness
to be a trick of light,
and assumes that the sun, having risen,
will also invariably set.


By day she follows me,
Living enigma
or sphinx -
and in her eyes a craving
carried from some unspeakable recess
where thought and form
melt in primal foam.

She wounds me -
bleeding herself
and trailing her fate behind her
like a cross.
Mad Cassandra -
her vision peeling
the skein of circumstance,
ripening through dross.

I draw a wide circumference
around her.
Surely her pain must have its boundary -
daylight delineate
my sanity.
My choice in this morass
is not to choose.

Early dawn -
night whittled to a sleepless cone
she comes to me,
Her whimpers rattle my cage,
her shadow shakes me to the bone -
and still I can’t find heart enough
to forgive her.

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