Sell-All Corp

Sell-All Corp

9:02am, a Tuesday, Sell-All Corp announced their latest contribution to the world, with promise such to turn the gloom of desperate times, to hope of riches in abundance, to each who’s sitting at the board of Corp, as well as each investor and participating store.

Trained reps out in the field canvas their new domain. Ice-cream vendor, one of the first to get the offer, ‘Sir, I do not even need explain. Watch this.’

‘See the lady over there, the one that has just crossed the road. She’s gone, right, most very likely not buy ice-cream from your store, right?’

Press, press, click, click, the thingy does it’s thing. ‘Now watch her change her mind. She’ll order strawberry sundae and then tops it with dessert. You’ll see.’

A moment’s hesitation all it took and all happened, just as rep said it would. The butcher next door witness to what transpired, undelayed asks rep, ‘Could you get her to walk through my door too?’

Press, press, click, click, she did.

The banker too, next door to butcher’s place, ‘Could you…?’
Rep did the clicking bit; she did the doing, as expected.

Five minutes passed, perhaps just six, the ice cream vendor, banker, butcher and the rep, sat on a bench to ponder. The butcher said, ’She bought the best cuts that I had, my boy to carry in two bags, then she came back, bought more, whatever for?’

The banker too, did look surprised, ‘She’s 83, I loaned her $86 plus nine, and 720000 bucks, all cash, and all secured, the boy helped carry that as well.’

Ice cream vendor said his piece, ‘All stock of strawberries gone, how she could eat it all? She did!’ Rep grins to do his spiel, ‘Just think, each one that walks past all your doors, compelled to come and buy whatever is on offer, even the most unlike contender, spending in excess of all your dreams, as you have seen, where would you be tomorrow?’
‘Oh my,’ said one, all others dittoed.

Butcher suspicious, ‘May just it be, that she’s an actress that you paid, performing buying so you can impress, so that we want whatever you are selling?’

Press, press, click, click, that’s all he did, the rep.
Not one of all the passers bye suppressed their urge to buy, four minutes later all the shops were out of stock, the bank as well.
‘I rest my case,’ said rep, ‘you are the judge.’

Banker confused in wonderment, ‘Remember last week, Monday? Each one that walked along had cell phones ring to tell them of our specials, the ice cream place, the butcher and my bank, all did a roaring trade, that day. We all paid fee of dollars high to rep that promised us the sky, but Tuesday there was trouble. No one could move an inch without their cell phones ringing. Each phone tracked GPS what not, and near our doors no one forgot to make their phones ring right on queue. No sound of bird, no cars or trucks, no plane or anything could hear, except the ringing of the mobile phones, all day long and everywhere. The ones that sold the deal are sitting pretty. Pity though, Tuesday no cell phone worked. All had enough, all switched them off. One day we made good money, nothing since, but fee we paid for 12 months in advance.

Rep said, ‘Here is the deal, 5% of net you make I get, that’s it. 5% of nothing I will get if you don’t trade.’

Butcher said, ‘Done deal, I’m in.’
Banker asks, ‘How does it work?’
Rep responds, ‘It’s like a voice inside the ear that every passer bye will hear when somewhere near your door, if you agree.’
Banker, ‘Agree, I do. 95% of something is better than all of nothing.’

‘What about you?’ rep asks, ice cream vendor answers ‘nay’ rep says ‘OK.’

Next morning, at the break of day, ice cream vendor is busy doing, screwing, fiddling, twiddling, wiring, gluing, ‘til all is done that need the doing.

8:29am, all three are watching, each foot that’s left behind the one, catch up to overtake the other foot, until near bank’s door slows. The banker grins, ‘It’s working.’ From across the road one nears the banker’s door, then moves towards the butcher’s place. Butcher is pleased.

Young kid, riding a bike, its tire rolls across the mat, which ice cream vendor prior had placed across the patch that fronts his door.

In softest of angelic whispers, the speakers that he’d placed above his door, announce in voice enthralling all, ever so slow, but slower, just a smidgen, ‘I dream, I Dream, Ice Dream, Ice Cream, Icy, I see, I see Icy, Dreamy Ice Cream, all for me.’ A message that contained enough mesmerisability to tease all from where they had been, each gravitates towards the door that holds the promise of a dream, despite each hearing things none could explain.

Anger filled the banker, no one came, none through his door, the butcher too turns blue, for whom he’d chopped the chops, he did not know.

Next day, mats hid the footpath, each one voiced a dream of ‘it’, some triggered by compression, non-mat space laced with laser traps, or other life sensing devices. Any living, dead or alive, would inescapably attract the registering of the homing gadgets to unleash what was once just a mere simple call, to bring to one’s attention. The earmuff traders all too pleased.

Little time it took and all went out of hand. The needers spent to buy the names of sports arenas, schools and places; other needers sold the rights to sell the rights they found were left. The city too saw opportunity to get in on the act. The Queens Street and the King’s Place bear the names of your brand for two months, if you willingly part with coins of valued tender. Map makers, street directory designers, all were booming. The river too, each week carried another name, until language and everything on earth stained straining with a nonsense that no sense had ever sensed or seen.

Look at the tomato sunset, we must catch-up sometime (I know the spelling’s wrong. No pay, no way, why should I advertise). Team sports not for the fainthearted, my sympathies for callers of events. The players, commentators, spectators and rules of the game, all needed changing with the times.

League, Aussie Rules, Netball and more, below example is for Soccer:
Once (yesterday), it may have sounded through the radio like this:
“Oh what a beautiful path from Tompkins, across to Meyer, dribbles, he boots it hard. GOAL!!!! GOAL!!!! How sweet it is, the Tigers in the lead.”

Now, even a translator is of little help:
”Floor polish at 3% off this week only Tompkins, kicks the Sunshine Alliance Ball for when you get old you’ll need insurance, across to chocolate is another name for heaven Meyer, dribbles, he boots the dribble trouble free boots size 8.32 buy 2 get 3, not ever wet even in rain hard. It’s a coffin when you need it GOAL! Red, black or blue, it’s up to you GOAL!” How sweet, three times the sweetness of the finest cane, Sweet-cane sweetener when all else turns sour it is, the beach resort upon a mountain’s ridge Tigers in the lead.”

“Oh no, what’s this, the referee shakes his with reference wear it proudly hat head. No goal? What? Why? It’s as clear as clear spray can on this orange burst with vitamins day. The rules…? The advertiser’s privilege…?? The what…???

#346.76, section 8, para 43 states: The advertiser shall have the right to display their goods in a manner they deem best. No goal, the ref is right. The coffin when you need it goal should have been closed. If it were, no ball could have gone in. The coffin when you need it goal does not need a goalkeeper, no ball can ever score. It’s in the rules. The beach resort upon a mountain’s ridge Tigers better get up from the mowed by manicured lawns grassed field.”

In short, each shouting each, as many, them, out screams each other to combine as noise, none able to digest the load of promise and exhilaration of suggest the sellers’ impregnated messages contain. A closer look reveals all want the same, money, the generating of which is the prime purpose of any business.

No law in the land suggests that those who have any must part with it, nor that those who have none must mend their pockets to prevent the loosing of any. For a brief period ‘Tomorrow predictors’ came in vogue, a small short-lived isolated boom for the manufacturers. It was a lever glued to an envelope. The inscription read, ’Outlook for tomorrow,’ the pointer indicating the answer, ‘same’, day in, day out the same, ‘same’. A competitor envelope manufacturer brought out own version, ‘same’ replaced by ‘perhaps not’. When a new manufacturer brought out yet another version, replacing ‘same’ or ‘perhaps not’ with ‘hopeful’, in addition added stamps, so that message could easily spread, all hell broke lose.

Stalemate came and stayed. Those with empty pockets could not afford a bit of wall, which became home for all those that had none, with commitments to pay what they had loaned to those that they had borrowed from, plus a bit more. In time, there were not enough walls to accommodate all those that went there.

Tough decision time for, reasoning across the floor, bla, bla, bla, if those that have, wish to retain, and those with none no hope of gain, then zero hour shall be this, each to remain where each one is, in status quo. All deals prior to hour zero zilch. New currency will have name ‘Currency’ and each soul in the land Currency 100 in the hand, infants with clenched fists included; the bucks of old stopped bucking, lame, lost bounce and thus lost their right of legal tender. The exchange rate from the old to new: nothing, zilch, zip, naught, null, nought, nix, all with receipt.

Sad eyed one guy explained, ‘$87trillion I brought in, look, all I got is this receipt’. ‘Why didn’t you let them buck before?’
‘I wish I knew?’

Ten minutes before zero hour, bulldozers lined the street of walls. Nine minutes later, no wall stood left standing of the old. At stroke of midnight, each woke up, as rich or poor as any other. The day when all began anew, when each had Currency 100 in their hand. Needless to say that some were screaming, many dreaming the coming of the day.

© Heinz Ross, Gold Coast, Australia
28/29 Jan 2009

Sell-All Corp


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Sell-All Corp indirectly responsible to initiate an event of actions that results in overcoming current financial stalemate.

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