Internet creations

Internet creations

Interned, each word I’d written, sticks to the sticky silk of webbing, ‘Internet’ is its name. Life has a life that’s all its own, so too the web. Each web is set to trap, to feed a spider’s belly, some think the webbed strands as net that too will feed their needing.

Some spider born just recently could bring the web down to its knee, wherever they may be, the knee that is (or pluralised). To trap is every spider’s aim. Flies caught shall be devoured.

It seems to me the ‘in thing’ are totally misleading leads, which use part of legitimate info to lure the flies in, yet nothing of what fly was hoping for to find will become visible. Flies are of course the likes of I that search for you or that, or this or what I hoped to find. Instead, one’s name is used, already pre-loaded in someone else’s webbed search box. That’s all, no legitimate reason for it being there. Why should the spider care, it wants the fly as flew.

If one’s name happens to be ‘Cook Pot’, it will be there as well. One can spell it as ‘Cooooooook Poooot’ or any which way, whatsoever, it will find something and even replace the ‘Cook Pot’ spelling with one’s own in the listed links. In fact, no matter what one may want, it will not be there, but be listed in such net sites for the sole purpose to bring them up in any searches. No matter how many zeros one adds behind the decimal place, followed by 1, multiplied by the number of any words, combinations thereof, alpha numerical segmentations, re-combined to trillions of combinations, will still add to a sizable number. Rest assured, if one’s a seeker of yyGH64kkkkl99p, and adds whatever else, it’s there. I don’t know what it is. I did not know it was, the Internet can bear it instantly, being seeded by mere question.

Money, the God of creativity, makes its debut to mess things up, Greed be precise. But then, perhaps that’s how it goes, as recently (3 days ago, or was it two? …fixed numbers have a way of changing.) I learned from voice, digi at that, web speak from plastic held two speakers, both silenced once speak spoke. Voice said that three from all a hundred are the real McCoy (perhaps just 4, good memory is but a joy, rarely did I rejoice in meeting, try to forget the not so good, just keep what’s worthy, for awhile).

Back to the point, and I’m in awe, if web is 50 years or more, once started as a thread, computers ‘round a little more, say 1940 as date of birth, not yet with keyboard, and even if one were to start, the day when it begun, how did each dollar ever get from paper grow to clone, digitisation, so that as from two days ago, thirty cents are left from every one?

Of course I know it’s easily done, scan one, burn all the rest or shred them for the birds to nest. But truth be told, each buck of paper, upon its face printed its name, …don’t mean the tender of its worth, the number it uniquely gained. Now cloned, all digi bucks imposters bearing same.

What if, and here is interest, unpaid upon deposit, what if computers stop? Not one or two or 3 or 4, regress in time just as before let’s say as 60 years ago, all plooters stop to do the plooting all at once, today? Impossible, no way it can? Possibly, it couldn’t!

Don’t draw the devil on the wall. How many yeses in one’s life remain unchanged ‘til day to die? Each duplicated digi clone devalues all its brethren. By rights, the paper loaded carriers ought to be worthy as all clones, but weigh them on a scale to see. One of the few will balance four mid sized free range eggs and bits of shell, not that I know the price of eggs down to the yolk inside. Once plooted clones, and all are drones, are in a plot of never be, one needs to find 14, to balance what once needed less. Prior the days of GST, MS, or call it VAT, each egg weighed less, but not as little as pre ploot clones started to meddle, perhaps a refund for the shell?

To those, whose speak not as my spoke, perhaps this makes it clearer:

(with inspiration from Joy)
© Heinz Ross, Gold Coast, Australia

7,16 Jan 2009

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