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365 - over and out (well, probably out...)

It started with a shot of a praying mantis, and finished with The End, 365 (+1) photos over the last 366 days.
I was impressed with myself when I got to 30 days, surprised that I’d managed to stick it out at 100 days, awfully happy when I got to the half way point and a bit over it at Day 232. When it got to the final 30 days, I got slightly panicked that I wouldn’t be able to create the shots that I thought were important, that it couldn’t be the best project I could achieve. but in the end… I was happy.

I’ve now been challenged by a friend to do a 18,250 project, that equates to 50 years. I’d have to widen my criteria, and there is no way I’d post each and every photo, to be honest, while I have taken a photo every day for the last year, they don’t all appear on RB (sometimes they didn’t quite live up to my expectations).

Do I have a favourite(s) photo? that’s hard. I could probably narrow it down to my favourite 50… in some ways they are like my children.

What will I do with all of these photos? I’m going to create a coffee table book, just to have it sitting there when I want to be reminded of this year. (a one off print). I can pretty much remember every shoot, my thought process for the shot and the events surrounding it. It’s amazing what a visual reminder can do for a girls memory!

What will I do now? well, if I don’t extend the project (and it’s really up in the air until tomorrow morning, whether I will or not), I’ll probably, ummm, not sure. exercise more, spend less time on the computer, more time cooking, less time trying to find something to shoot, because believe me, sometimes it was a challenge.

Any Regrets? from the project, not really, some shots I’d like to re-shoot with better light, but overall, I did the best I could every day. And some days worked better than others.

thanks for taking the time to read, I have had an amazing year, both personally and artistically.
the 365 project group have been wonderful, they rock! it’s a small group and the dear LarueCherie is an absolute angel. I’ve made so many virtual friends through this group, it’s been fascinating seeing everyone elses work and the progression that they have made.

love to all.

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