Dear Santa:

Here’s my Christmas Wish List;

1. More time to spend on RedBubble
2. A new lens for my camera
3. Memory Cards
4. Tons of money to travel all over the world taking photographs.

-That isn’t toooo much to ask, right?
I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments. It really does brighten my day when I get those. And, I want to apologize, for not being a better RB friend. I have the best intentions to sit down and look at everything that comes up but my day just seems to run out before I get an oppurtunity. SO, please know that I am looking and admiring your work, even if I don’t get a chance to comment often. I will try to work on that, maybe dedicate a specific amount of time just to RB every day.hmm, reason to spend MORE time here? I like it!

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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