My 1st day

I just signed up yesterday evening and am so excited to spend more time here! Not only is this a great place for worldwide exposure, it inspires me to get out and take some amazing pictures. I feel a surge of creativity everytime I log in!

Alot of the pics I have uploaded are marked for sale as Cards. I will be changing that soon. There were ones I had on the computer. I admit, I was in a hurry to sign up and get started, so I put up what I had on hand. I do have the originals (that are larger dimensions) so I will replace the smaller ones so that they can be bought as other things. Bear with me-I plan on tweaking and changing.

On a personal note, I have appointments for the rest of the week. Then we are decorating for Halloween over the weekend and getting ready for a small dinner party I am hosting on Halloween so, while I have great plans for this page, I do not have great amounts of time this week! Hence, the bear with me….

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