Gimme Shelter

It happens all the time, its like when your walking down a dark street you feel like someone is following you, there probably isn’t but its one of those base fears you cant get over when it hits you. Fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, fear of that which cannot be seen. Like when you are lying in bed having just watched an amazing horror film falling into sleep but you hear a tiny creek in the house, your heart starts pounding, your hearing explodes and you can hear everything, you see through the dark better than you thought you ever could, your mouth dries up and you wake instantly listening for another sound… any sound to confirm you’re not over reacting like a scared little girl who just watched nightmare on elm street for the first time, 1 2 freddies coming for you starts going through your head.

But that didn’t happen tonight, I did hear another noise suddenly every terrifying image I could conjure was thrown into my thoughts, I hear more noises… someone is down stairs they are stumbling, I know because I hear a mans voice half whisper in pain “FUCK, I STUBBED MY TOE” my hearing is good under normal circumstances but under these I am scared how much I can here… but I would much prefer to be deaf, I hear more whispering “grab anything you can” my house is being robbed! I think to myself, I get a little braver and slowly get out of my bed, luckily my house isn’t that old so not many of the floor boards creek and I know which ones do. Im not going to let these fuckers get away with it! I feel myself getting more brave by the moment, with every step down the stairs I take more visions of greatness cloud my mind intoxicating me to take action against these intruders who defile my sanctum. As I get to the bottom step I reach for that silly copper candlestick I leave in the little arched hole in the wall, I always hated the thing and im glad its doing something useful for once. I make a quick plan, I’m going to lure them to me… and show them single women aren’t to be messed with. I walk to my front door and open it slowly until I have enough room to give it a good SLAM!, after I do I run into the arched alcove that I usually hang my coat in wheres my coat gone? but i dont have enough time to answer myself, 2 men come running into the hall quickly opening the door “go chase her!” they knew I was in here… alone the big one shouts to the skinny one he quickly obeys and dashes outside the house turns left and runs down the street. I take my chance and step out from the alcove I smash the candlestick as hard as I can into the mans skull, he falls down… but only for a moment, he is quickly back on his feet looking at me shocked I raise the candlestick again what the hell is this guy made of? I slam the candle stick as hard as i can but he blocks me with his arm and he hits me in the side and I feel a sharp pain. The candlestick falls out my hand and I’m left defensless I take the only option left to me I ram into the man with all my weight pushing him aside, I dash out the house as fast as I can.

I run for what feels like an hour I tell myself every few minutes run towards the lights, always stay in the lights, but before long I realise I am in the dark, im running along almost blind to where im going a pain growing in my side. I start to stumble I’m feeling weak, I trip on a rock… or something I’m not sure, I struggle to get up and collapse in the effort I feel my side, investigating the mysterious pain. I feel something sticky and wet, I check to see whats on my hand with my now adjusted eyes, its blood… I’m bleeding, I’m dying… I feel weaker by the minute colder with every passing second… I don’t know what to do, I call out but my voice fails me. I can barely hold my head up now so I lay it down and close my eyes finally i get some sleep. I start to sing in my mind again, the last thing I will ever think

Oh, a storm is threatning
My very life today
If I dont get some shelter
Oh yeah, Im gonna fade away

“A woman was found murdered this morning in an alley in the Foleshill area of coventry – live at the scene reporting is Katherine Greenwood”

Gimme Shelter


Coventry, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

I’m not saying it’s good to cower away from danger, I just think it makes more sense to evaluate your own abilities before you listen to the brave little voice telling you to go forward.



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