Interview With A Fellow Writer - Introducing JANE Á PARIS

I know in the rules of the competition are that I must seek a writer I do not know very well… and though I have been a fan of Janes for a while now I feel I do not know her personally. This interview is my chance to get to know her and hopefully win a few Boredom points. Okay well I hope you enjoy the interview, I certainly did.

Introducing JANE Á PARIS

At Death’s Dark Door

What’s your real name and what name would you like to have?
My real name is a secret, otherwise people would hunt me down and kill me. However the name I would like to have and do have and use is JANE Á PARIS, it is my pen name. It is my artist name. I use it for all my art. It has a lot of meaning and significance for me. There is actually a big story behind it. But too long, detailed and deep for me to explain here. It also involves a lot of political abuse.

What is your favorite piece of music?
I don’t really have favorites in general just because there is so much fantastic music out there, but if I had to pick probably one of my favorite songs would be – In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride. I love my two children very much, and this song is so inspirational, uplifting and touching about loving a child, and a child’s love.
I also love Brahms’s Lullaby by Celine Dion, it has always been my favorite children’s lullaby. I loved it when I was a child.

What is your favorite time of the day?
I like graveyard and the wee hours of the morning, because I am always trying to escape from people and I find this the most quiet and relaxing time of day, where I can be alone with my thoughts.

What would you say is your major inspiration for writing your poems?
Mostly I write from the heart and from personal experience. Life is my inspiration for a lot of my writing. Life can be very painful, very joyful, and/or very humorous. I write about a lot of the pain I have experienced in life, however I also write uplifting, inspiring, thoughtful things too. A lot of the time my sense of humor shines through whatever I am doing. After all, when you are having a hard time in life, sometimes no matter how bad it is, it helps to keep you going to have a laugh at it or see the funniness of it. My children also inspire me a lot in my writing, as do past events in my life. Some of my favorite writers are – Robert Frost, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, Archibald MacLeish, William Stafford, Ray Bradbury, Tennessee Williams, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

On your profile you say you are an “expressionistic” painter but you only have one(very cute) picture in you portfolio, why is that?
Because WRITE now I am a starving artist. I honestly have no money to upload my art yet. I am also a little under the weather (ill), this is just the straight forward truth, so some days I have a hard time getting anything done, however I have a real fire in my heart for creativity, art, writing, and photography that is hard to extinguish and I always seem to get something done, whether it is writing, art or photography. I have been concentrating on writing right now because it is something I can create and upload easily. I am hoping to upload some of my paintings soon.

Your art is something that interests me, you are a great poet and so by my logic you must be a great painter, what are your paintings like?
Thank you so much for the compliment, I am glad that you think so and that you like what I write. My paintings are very expressionistic too. One of the first artist I met on this site asked me why my writing seemed a little on the dark side, and I said that is probably because I am a little disturbed. I know a lot of great artist in history were. So I am not afraid to admit this. All you have to do is look through an artists biography book to see this. It is also because I write about things that are disturbing quite often, (not always), like political abuse, sexual abuse, torture, harassment, financial, spiritual, physical, and emotional abuse. These are reasons that I am disturbed:-), mostly because I have been abused and continue to be abused because of my politics.
I have a deep love for expressionism – ‘Expressionistic artist sought to develop pictorial forms which would express their innermost feelings rather than represent the external world. Expressionist painting is intense, passionate and highly personal, based on the concept of the painter’s canvas as a vehicle for demonstrating emotions. Violent, unreal color and dramatic brushwork make the typical expressionistic painting quiver with vitality.’ This is what I try to achieve when I paint, and I think I quite often do because I am a very expressionistic and emotional painter. My favorite painters are Beckman, Van Gogh, Heckel, Jawlensky, Kirchner, Kokoschka, Marc, Munch (The Father of Expressionism), Nolde, Pechstein, Roualt, Schiele, Schmidt-Rottluff, and Soutine.

The Power of Dreams

In Redbubble there are many thousands of fantastic artists and poets, who would you say are your favourites and why?
I have only been on site for a little over a month, however in that short amount of time I have met many interesting artist from all over the world, which is a real thrill for me. There is nothing like being able to share a common interest and love of art, writing, and photography with a whole group of really talented, knowledgeable, and experienced artists, writers, and photographers from all over the world. Thank Goodness for Redbubble, what a find and what a great idea! I have a lot of people on my watchlist, actually 65 as of this moment. I like to get around and I really like to meet people. Some of my favorites are: Shanina Conway – beautiful very talented painter, Peter Davidson – wonderful photographer and great writer, Jarko – sublime artist, Tony Ryan – splendid photographer and sensitive writer, Tommyjo – charming and very talented artist and elegant writer, Hilton M Briscoe -excellent writer and artist, budrfli – super talented photographer and lovely writer, Andrew May from Circus Gallery – magnificent painter and creator of sculptures, redbubble addict – super talented with colors and designs and very wonderful writer, clone42 – super photograher and artist and splendid writer, Ushna Sardar – a very inspiring and uplifting writer and beautiful photographer. Others I like are – Rachael Hope, Russell Holder, Darkmonkey, Keith Williams, Damian, Janine Peterson, rrohn (he has only one story posted, but it is a killer of a story, very good), DBA Lehane, Aurora Pintore, LamondoofCowal, seraph, melodious, oscarelizondo, peterT, butchart, zolton, Faizan Qureshi, Alix Purcell, Ruben Flanagan, Lys, and the list goes on and on. There are so many super talented people on red bubble. So much creativity in one spot, it is almost overwhelming, and very exquisitely enjoyable. I have been lucky to meet many people so far and I have made many friends. And I have just started, I know there are many more to meet.

As I read through your written works I can’t help but notice the way you write seems so mundane but so interesting and thoughtful, how do you achieve this?
It is because I write from the heart and from personal experience a lot. The best stuff I write comes from my insides, where I am often hurting deeply because of negative events happening in my life. I speak the truth when I write, with no fear of what someone knows or what someone thinks. I am a very expressionistic person in my writing and my art. It is also a form of therapy for me and an escape.

Do you have any tips for a writer who is dependant on making things sound epic to compensate for his lack of mastery over detail?
Keep trying, that is how you master anything through effort and experience, and not being afraid to make mistakes. And also to be open to constructive and positive criticism, that is part of the process of learning to be better too.

When did you start writing and why?
I have been writing all of my life, but I probably started more seriously when I started painting about twelve years ago.

What is your favorite childhood story or nursery rhyme?
Well, so many children’s stories, nursery rhymes, and songs are actually quite disturbing when you really examine them. One of my favorite songs was always Rock-a-bye baby, and that was about a baby falling out of a tree.
Rock-a-bye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks the cradle will fall, down will come baby, cradle and all.
I loved singing The Ants Go Marching when I was a kid. I read Black Beauty when I was a kid, and I also read James and the Giant Peach. I loved both of these stories. I read Love You Forever to my children and it made me cry every time. I always loved the story of The Three Bears too.

Now for my last question I shall ask the age old question(with my little story to explain how you had the foresight to bring the 3 things). You are marooned on a desert island, you had a premonition in your dreams the night before that it was going to happen and you quite fancy a nice break on a desert island so you decide to not try and stop it, what 3 things did you bring along with you and why?
1) Well, the first thing would be my art stuff – my easel, paints, canvases, camera, pastels, water colors, pencils, etc…this alone would keep me very busy.
2) Secondly, a computer so I could write down poems, stories and my really sick dreams. I like typing on the computer versus writing on paper. This would keep me busy for a long time too.
3) Thirdly, a really cute guy that likes me. He could probably keep me busy too. Right now I have two out three of these things. Guess which one I am missing.

I Want To Be Free To Be Human

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