An Artist I love!

Ash Sivils is a fantastic artist in my opinion, most of her art has a nightmare like undertone and she lets the content of her art show the darkness of her work rather than shadows or actual darkness(as most unskilled artists tend to do, not that darkness is bad, it can create atmosphere and stuff… I like darkness if it is placed well. burningark does it well when he uses it). Most of her work also has more meaningful but subtle undertones.

Odalisque to me is a great picture of a woman who has had her head replaced with a hand by a mad doctor(thats my little story behind it, lol). In reality it is a picture that represents the strength in women and their rebellion against the oppression of man.

No Sin in Sight
The mad doctor strikes again. This picture to me is about the general publics blindness to the world and how crap it is(me and jane see it though!). In the comments realism is mentioned and that speaks volumes to me. Plus it all gets mentioned anyway, so you don’t need to interpret this piece, it is written out for you.

Surviving the Media
This is how the mad docter watches TV. This is pretty obvious. I am not going to feed you everything!

The mad docters latest creation. Pretty simple to understand, it is about something that really annoys me. The Android Generation I am going to call them from now on. It is(to me) about the latest generation of teens, adults and children who have connected themself to each other in such a way they have created a hive of crap culture that is oh so fickle and is perfectly examplified by a dreadful soap drama called “Gossip Girls” or some such grot. This interpretation is completely mine, Ash may have meant something else by it.

Stitched Smile
After Mass
Self Affliction
Holy Land

A Day at the Dentist is without a doubt my favourite picture by Ash. But she has done some seriously amazing stuff.

She says on her profile “I will say I am very opinionated, arrogant at times
but usually easy to get along with. I have a strong
stance that most have trouble dealing with, I am not
swayed easily.” I like her style. I know another person who says he is arrogant(and blames it on his star sign), but in neither of these 2 people have I seen any arrogance, even though they are so much better at art than I thought was possible in young people. They deserve to be arrogant.
Yes I think burningark, Jane and Marlo are fantastic artists(writer in janes case) but they are all old buggers with walking sticks and bad backs(only joking), but I still love ’em.

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