Are you uploading copyright violations?

Red Bubble is an amazing site for all of us to share our art, and create great quality cards, prints, and shirts!
Sadly though since I have joined I have noticed quite a few copyright violations, and have reported them to the admin of the site. As a member you are responsible for not breaking copyright law, and reporting copyright infringements when you see them.
This keeps this site safe, and keeps the community safe.

Red Bubble’s copyright information in their f.a.q. is as follows:
<i>‘Respect copyright. Only upload work that you own the copyright for or for which you have a license.’</i>

This seems simple enough, but let’s elaborate, because there seems to be some confusion.

Work which ‘you own the copyright to’ does NOT include:
- copyright owned characters such as anime characters, game characters, company logos, motifs, etc.
- artwork which has been created by others. This may include a random manga image which you have found, or a magazine photograph, or even something found while surfing the Internet.
- work created using Photoshop brushes, stock, etc. which you did not create, and do not have permission to use.
- any artwork you have created via manipulation using an original image that you were not given permission to use, or did not create yourself.
- the work of everyone else here at red Bubble which you have not been given permission to use.

Selling works containing any of these is illegal, and immoral. If anyone has broken copyright laws in their own gallery take it upon yourself to remove the works, and if you see anyone else breaking the rules, please report them or tell them to remove the work.
It takes the entire community working together to create a fantastic atmosphere which we enjoy here at Red Bubble.
Let’s all enjoy ourselves!

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