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The picture was made in the context of the work for the German gothic band “leichenwetter” (CD-title: Klage, 2007). The Band sets poems to music, e.g. Heinrich Heine, Friedrich Schiller, Andreas Gryphius an others. You can see the complete artwork on my homepage:

In the booklet you will find the text “An einem Grabe” by Hermann Hesse. The picture visualises the poem in an appropriate way and fits in very well in the morbid character of the whole booklet.

I shot the original photograph at the central cemetery in Vienna. The photo was then arranged within the entire Artwork by using Photoshop and its layer technique. In some layers I also used painting. In my work I often use a combination of photography an painting.

Something that might seem odd: The Artwork was made using version 4(!) of Photoshop.
In my profession, I’m a graphic-designer, I am to use the latest version of all software. Despite of this necessity, I stick to good old Version 4 of Photoshop when working on my Artworks.

I will not answer questions concerning Photoshop. Please, have a go at it yourself. Everyone has an individual approach. In my case, the two things, helped me most: Practice and being very self-critical.

Kurt – Headcrime

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