Any Good Success Stories?

So yeah, right now I’m playing my FAVORITE game called the waiting game (can you tell how happy I sound? >_<) Anyway, I was wondering how some of you people have gotten success on this site and maybe give me a few hints on how I can get myself out there. But here’s the catch (or at least for me): I am not a huge people person. Of course I’m kind and am like a little angel, lol, but I don’t talk a lot and have a hard time going up to people that I don’t know and stuff like that. I know that in order to be successful here I need to get over this big and wonderful fear of mine, but at the same time, I can’t cure my fear overnight. And if you can’t tell already, I like to write…a lot. I would rather write about what I want to say than to speak out loud since most of the time the words that come out don’t always come out as clear and concise as they should. Right now, though, I would love to just get the word out there on my work. Oh, and another thing: how the heck do you guys make a profit? It sounds fishy that redbubble is doing all of the card-making and frame making and stuff and yet whatever people pay I get. Am I missing something? If I’m going to get rich and take over the world, lol, I need a plan…a BIG plan. I’ve tried to sell stuff on ebay, and am currently on this site plus shutterpoint, and nothing has happened yet. Besides me being an impatient 20 year old, it also seems like I’m trying so hard that I’m missing some little details that can make a difference between me selling something or not selling anything at all. I just want to drag people in like fish, haha. I want to share my work with others like y’all wouldn’t believe So any help that you people can give me, I would love it. And yes I put links on my Facebook and Myspace pages….So yeah, I think that’s it for now. It’s time to do some math homework :D
Thanks for taking the time to read my novel, lol
p.s. You don’t have to tell me EVERYTHING that you guys do since I know that a lot of y’all have your own secrets to being successful, but really anything would help :D

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