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i have another account at deviantart. i prefer redbubble for a number of reasons, but i use dA a lot, mostly for stock photographs, which i play with in photoshop and use for wheatpaste prints a lot. not just any photo will work – the photo has to be just right as far as “i like this photo and it will work with the theme i want” goes, but the lighting needs to be a certain way so the filter works well enough with it and stuff like that. what this really means is that i sift through probably close to a hundred stock photos for every photo that i end up turning into a print.

and let me tell you guys:

I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF LOOKING AT GOTH STOCK. good LORD. it’s like looking at the same girl over and over and over again. the same girl who has no (apparent) eyebrows and doesn’t know how to properly apply eyeliner OR black hair dye. the same floor-length bodice dress. the same annoying facial expression. the same evanescence fandom banners. why can’t goths find a new schtick?

i guess they wouldn’t be goth, then. hm.

one of the main reasons i prefer redbubble to dA is the overall lack of talentless anime/manga artists here. i get that everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and i’ll admit that it’s actually pretty cool when i go to some kid’s dA account and it’s a bunch of scanned pencil drawings on notebook paper and it turns out the kid is, like, 10. that said, 90% of manga-style artwork looks exactly the same. and when it’s done badly, it’s done BADLY. find a new muse, guys.


just a rant. i’m an asshole sometimes, i guess.

in other news, i found a job today. good times.

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