punk as fuck.

i haven’t listened to anti-flag in years, ashley had pretty much all of their stuff on her external hard drive that she let me borrow. i grabbed the folder for nostalgic purposes and put it on my computer just in case.

well, last night i decided it might be fun to take a trip back to high school and throw on a new kind of army and…uhm…die for the government. and underground network while i was at it. just to listen to while i was working.

MAN. at the end of the night, i was thinking “srsly, kristen? SRSLY?” this was one my favorite bands in high school. listening to them now, their ‘political’ rant songs make very little sense and, on the whole, are pretty stupid. i still like “that’s youth”…but geez.

i’d like to see how band practices go for these guys.
“oh man! i have a new song, you guys!”
“let’s hear it, dude!”
“the president has secrets! it’s all a conspiracy! anarachy forever! buy our cd from hot topic!”

shower and then i think i might go to the park. i’ll probably go wheatpasting this evening ‘cause i’m so punk rock.

oh yeah! my ‘fetus pictures’ journal entry has more views than all my other journal entries combined. you guys are really that into fetus pictures?

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