Barbara Sparhawk

Carmel Valley, United States

Professional Expressionist, portrait painter, writer, children’s book illustrator, entrepreneur, and adventuress.


Just a fast note to say hello to all the fine people here who’ve taken the time to view and comment on my paintings and drawings. I AM interested in reactions, conclusions, thoughts provoked. I find it all very touching, thoroughly heartwarming. There are far more photographers here than painters, and it’s a very different experience to look through a lens than at a canvas or paper, brain and eye adjustments have to be made. I haven’t felt the teeniest bit excluded. So an especial thanks for that, because so many want (sensibly) to enhance their medium and technique from other photographers.

As to the work shown by all here, it’s a wonderful quality, frequently heart-defining, and you focus on views of many things I’ve never seen or considered before. The images stay in my mind, and help me with work I do recalling depth, skies, waterways. A daily trip to a great museum. Nice job. Thank you.

Then on top of all that, getting to know many casually and some more closely is unexpected dessert. Very fine group of people here, it’s all been a pleasure.

One final thought, when I’m not painting I’m writing, both for a lifetime. I always have a lot to say, advised more than once in my life to work with an editor close at hand. And I’m accustomed to looking at images and thinking about what I see.
I hope it doesn’t annoy, it’s so me.
Best of everything to you all,

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