Barbara Sparhawk

Carmel Valley, United States

Professional Expressionist, portrait painter, writer, children’s book illustrator, entrepreneur, and adventuress.

First T Shirts Up!

It’s five o one in the morning here. It took six hours straight, but I did what I never thought I’d figure out. I was encouraged by someone’s entry on the instruction page from awhile back, “I’m uploading a t shirt if it takes me all night”. I still have to figure out how to enlarge the image on one that’s uploaded and very very tiny. I think the original artwork needs to be larger. Here come thousands more as soon as I get some sleep. Incredibly happy. Me and Gimp did it.
I don’t know if it automatically happens, but the Longfellow portrait and carbon footprint shirts are on the home page under recent work. Pretty exciting.
I sure want to thank all my compatriots and new friends at RedBubble for the heartwarming encouragement.

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