Barbara Sparhawk

Carmel Valley, United States

Professional Expressionist, portrait painter, writer, children’s book illustrator, entrepreneur, and adventuress.

The Inspiration of All of You

I’ve been here about ten days, and thank the many who have visited and commented in this time; my cup runneth over. And more especially, I must tell you that viewing so much beautiful work, specifically your photography, is starting to effect my painting. I was working on a sky, and my brain flooded with recent images of the photographs you take, and helped me recall detail and color more sharply than what lurks in my internal reference data, though it helped stir those deeper memories too. Artists may fear absorbing too much of someone else’s work, that it results in crippling immitation. It’s not so. I find here a finely crowded field of originals, all sure of your own points of view. And lo and behold, you have helped me to do my work better with the work you do. Nice accomplishment. Hurrah!

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