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Carmel Valley, United States

Professional Expressionist, portrait painter, writer, children’s book illustrator, entrepreneur, and adventuress.

Cachagua Fires Contained - 100%

They’re out. We’re in. All evacuees have returned home with their families, animals and surfboards. The sky is blue. Life is good.
I’ve felt like a giant crumb to have vanished from so many friends here for the past month plus, not much time except a fast leap in every now and then, and I miss you one and all. RedBubble has been a terrific place for friendships for me. Please forgive my absence from your wonderful lives.

A couple of great things happening (is this post-flaming karma?)

1. I sold 28 tee shirts on Zazzle. I know, I can’t believe it either. One customer, no art work. Just MARS ROCKS in honor of NASA’s landing on Mars. A total stranger in Salt Lake City, different sizes, Black with red and white lettering. The bad news is that I’d put them on sale, and lowered the percentage to ten. Out of almost six hundred dollars in sales, I get about sixty. If only…….but then they’d might not have bought at full price. I almost passed out. THERE’S HOPE OUT THERE!!! Who’d have dreamed it, not me.

2. I got an actual portrait commission. Two people in a family. Incredible project for me and good pay for it. About four to six months of work ahead, about 7 feet by 5 feet I’m figuring. Photos and downpayment to arrive this week sometime, and yes I’ll be buying up RBers work. An excellent Brooklyn lawyer once told me not to count on anything until the check cleared the bank. I know it’ll happen. Why do I keep waking up in a cold sweat, then run to the post office filled with hope. Okay, filled with hope is how I do things, precipice or not.

3. A new friend has just put up some of her strong and beautiful artwork on RedBubble. I’m impressed. I think she’s very good, and you’ll profit from a visit to her page. She’s graysart. I hope that comes up in the search engine because I’m still no good at making links here.

Most of all, the dust has settled, the red skies night and day are gone, the gorgeous firemen from all over the globe (Australia, Canada, Samoans! – THANK YOU) went home. Then some genius decided it was the perfect time to repave the only road into town. We’ve had enough. We want to be left alone to cultivate our gardens and suntans and smell the roses. Nearly every tree in town has a sign tied to it, drawn by some precious juvenile in crayon, that shouts out “Thank you Firepeople!” in a hundred colors. It’s very touching, really. They were great.
And by the end of the week I hope to at least get back into the swing of all things RB, and if not catching up on all the splendid work of those I so love here, at least starting in on your latest creations.
My best to one and all,
PS check out graysart.

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