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Carmel Valley, United States

Professional Expressionist, portrait painter, writer, children’s book illustrator, entrepreneur, and adventuress.

I Got a Camera -- New Work Coming, and Beautifully Photographed

I’ve been occupied with a lot of extraneous stuff bordering on nightmare — both work and home; it’s been a busy and distracting month that’s kept me from one of my favorite places on earth, RedBubble. I’ve been heartbroken not to be able to show good photographs of my paintings. My work is very painterly, lots of heavy pigment and brushwork that I’ve been unable to capture on film. I’ve been so especially unhappy about the Kipling portrait because it looks so much better than the photo I have up now, I think it was that straw and the camel’s back thing, and I haven’t known what to do.
Until Friday.
This weekend and over the next week, I’ll be uploading a lot of new photographs, chiefly because I have a fine digital camera now. For photographers here, it’s a Fujifilm E550 with a 7.2 zoom. I’ve been reading up on it and experimenting to figure out how to use it. The photos are really good. I can’t believe the difference. And you’ll be able to see the actual paintings I’ve done, not the ghostly or blurred or over-pixilated images that were all I could muster before. I’ve started to empty out my site, cut back by three pages so far, and I’m not sure what to do about removing the original posts because all the wonderful heartwarming comments are there. Didn’t care so much about losing the couple of thousand views, and mostly I tried to pick out the ones with few or no comments and no favorites. Maybe I’ll just make the old stuff unavailable for sale, and the new photographs of paintings for sale.

Any advice will be appreciated. Then too, some of the earlier stuff looks good, the pen and inks are from a professonal service, and some have even sold. ?????

Please forgive me for my absence, and failure to note all the remarkable work my RedBubble friends and compatriots are so darn good at doing. I’ve missed this place tremendously, and most especially the fine photography and paintings from people I’ve come to know and admire. I’ll be updating my own website, The Hawks Perch, aftter this; looks like I’ve got the summer’s work cut out for me.
The dust is settling. See you all soon again, and I hope you’ll have the chance to stop by and let me know what you think.
Best wishes to you all,

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