Barbara Sparhawk

Carmel Valley, United States

Professional Expressionist, portrait painter, writer, children’s book illustrator, entrepreneur, and adventuress.

Hello to New Best Friends

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been on an off the computer due to a combination of things, and this is just to let you know why I haven’t posted much comment, that I haven’t vanished and still and always love you all with all my heart. There’s no match to the community of friends here. I’ll have more time this week; hate missing all the lovely work you’re doing and I’ll try to go back and catch up.

One of the things I’ve been up to – which may be of interest to you all – is setting up some new pages on a site called Zazzle. is my page.

What they’ve got is a thousand products you can put designs on, including some hats, mugs, mousepads, car cups, key chains, handbags, work aprons, children’s things, posters, post cards, personalized real stamps!, three hundred plus shirt designs, and the most fun of all….bumper stickers! Hooboy has that been fun. I have my portrait of Longfellow on one with the words: I BRAKE FOR POETS.

Like RB it’s free, I’ve put the percentage of royalties way up…they’re cheaper…to see what happens. Easy to post stuff, no charge for anything, and as I’ve said the variety of products is interesting to play with.

They’re not as classy as RB, this place is really the height of quality from what I’ve seen elsewhere. But they look good, and the shipping looks fast. Let me know what you think if you go for a look.

Back soon for plunging in, and a new portrait coming up soon.

Best wishes to one and all,

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