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Re: My postedimage 'Chow Time'

A comment was made by Salsbells69 which I figured inferred there was more to the story and there was.

Here is how that early morning day and the posted image unfurled.

As I explained I was woken up by the loud chattering of big birds emanating from the front yard. I went to the window and saw a very large number of Black Cockatoos attacking the flowers on the two Bottle Brush located there.

I ran to the study, grabbed my camera, went running out through the front door and then slowly entered the garden, taking of lens caps and setting up the camera as I went.

I had been out there awhile and the birds got used to me so I was able to move in reasonable close.

My front garden looks a little like the Aussie Bush with drought resistant plants and a few rocks and boulders located around the place. It look alright and attracts a lot of native birds.

I was awkwardly place on one of those rocks shooting away when I heard the unmistakable sound of teenage girls giggling. I gently turned around and there was a group of them walking past the house. It was then that I realised that I was only wearing my P’j shorts. I sheepishly gave them a grin and made a bit of a move to go back inside, but not without a last moment. I slipped off the rock, tried to regain balance, failed and went crashing into the garden (saved the camera though).

Of course this got the girls laughing hysterically now but I don’t know who was loudest them or the damn birds who were now very raucous.

My embarrassment was total when the girls came over to give me a hand up and out of the bush I was in. For a moment there was a bit of oooing and aaahing as they pointed to a few cuts and abrasions (I think thats what they were ooing and ahhhing about) but I just couldn’t hang around any longer, for my embarrassment was now total. I thanked them and got the hell out of there lol.

Oh well I got some good shots.

Note: I haven’t seen the birds or the girls back since lol

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