what I would love about having photoshop

I have always wanted phtoshop, but as of yet we cannot afford it. I go through all of the wonderful photography and artwork on here, and I wonder what it would look like to see my own imagination at work.
I love that I was able to lend out a few of my photos to a fellow RBer, but just imagine……close your eyes……and imagine with me the infinite possibilities of things that could come out of my ever-running…sometimes twisted……always trying to learn little mind.
I would love to learn how to make something like some of the wonderful digital artwork I have seen on here…….just what would I come up with? where would my imagination take me? whats my limit? will I be good? will people like my work?
I would love very much to be able to give this a shot, see where I could go with it.
I know I’m probably one of a million who would love this opportunity, but I know from my heart, I’m one of the few who would truly appreciate it!!!

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