Helping pete get cleo back!

Well, she’s not a kitten anymore. Cleo, one of Pete’s two beloved cats, was diagnosed with cancer on 21st January. She’s been in the vet since.
Pete tried to pick her up the other day & was told that he couldn’t do the payment plan after all, & they wont give him Cleo until he pays the entire amount upfront.
So he’s dramatically short the amount of money they want & they are basically holding Cleo hostage.
Its the longest Moppy & Cleo have ever been apart in 15 years and Moppy isnt taking it well.
Cleo was diagnosed with cancer on 21st January. The vet she was taken too treated her and agreed to a payment plan but once Cleo was ment to be picked up the Vet refused the payment plan and requested payment upfront or Cleo will not be returned.
So I have suggested a fundraiser to help Pete get Cleo back!

Me and other creative friends of pete will be donating prints of work. ALL proceeds above the cost of printing will go to the vet bill.
Our Target is $1,500.00

This work is up for private sale as prints to donate to this cause.
The image of Cleo is watercolour, this was painted tonight.

And the drawing of Pete reading with Cleo ws drawn with white pencils on black paper tonight.

email me at to make an offer on a signed print of the work.
See this thread to see the prices we are selling our signed prints for through a printing laboratory: thread

In Good News…
A friend has popped up and is going to pay the bill with money they don’t have so that the cat can go home to Pete and Moppy. this means there’ll be no interest for the time it takes for us to get the 1500 to pay the friend her money back as fast as we can. it also means that Moppy and Pete can stop putting themselves through hell and stress without beloved Cleo. Moppy is Pete’s other cat who hasn’t been eating or behaving normally due to this being the longest time she has been separated from her sister Cleo.

UPDATE: Saturday morning I received a phonecall with the offer of a short-term interest free loan to get Cleo out on monday & the fundraiser can pay back the loan, which means that she’s not incurring further costs now.

So Cleo came home on Monday evening (4th Feb). They made Pete wait in the clinic for nearly 2 hours after he paid the money before they would give him Cleo after a consult with the vet (which took less than 10 mins). They had removed Cleo’s spleen in the operation the other week after finding it full of cancer… but the tests they wouldn’t tell Pete the result of until he paid them showed various points in her liver also have cancer as well as a few other places. Her prospectus is 1 month to a maximum of 12 months. Yet they were going to hold her, incurring fees, for as long as it took; not caring if she would die in their “care” waiting to go home.

She looked terrible when she finally came out, but she was soooooo happy to see Pete.

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