How I add my Watermark

I was recently asked how I make my watermark on my images so I thought this may come in handy for others too. Remember though, that this is just my method. there may be other ways out there too.

In a steps process of making a custom watermarking brush and then watermarking an image with it. (this is all done in photoshop)
Say you have your image, all ready…

1. Make a new layer on top of the image you want to add the watermark to,

2. Open a new page to make a brush on,

3. Get the text box and choose a nice neat font,

4. Type ’ © ’ (hot keys = press and hold down the ALT key while typing in 0169)
and your first and last name or business name,

5. Flatten that layer, customize that with a logo, an underscore above it for titles to sit on, etc,

6. Flatten all that when you’re done customizing it all,

7. Select the space it occupies tightly,
then go

8. Edit>Define Brush and save it as a brush in your photoshop.

9. Go to the image, get the paintbrush tool on 100% opacity, and on the new layer that on your image, put the copyright in the corner or wherever you want it,

Option: Maybe add the title of the image with the text tool,
now flatten the title into the copyright by going Layer>merge down
and then

10. Right click on the copyright layer, go Blending options and make the layer less intrusive on the image,

11. Flatten all the layers, save it.
(i save the copyright version of each image separate so i can sell prints without the copyright on it at all if requested)

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