Monochromed bubbles

Thought I’d have a ramble abt my journeys of late. I have been reasonably busily productive. from sunday to friday I’d been envolved in a large collaborative drawing performance in the city.

The final piece will be exhibited in the junction gallery, possibly with photos of it in the making and maybe with the collaborative sketchbook on display explaining the project and the journey. fun times.
Also I’ve been working on my behold series. the monochromatic human figure works in my gallery…which i think has been going well.
I descovered the groups feature and have joined some… alot. lol. and im thinking abt starting my own. i’ve noticed we seem to be missing a sculptural group. :D
other than that, I’ve been going to more metal/rock gigs, making more friends, taking photos… working on commisions, etc.
I would upload alot more photography if it was keft seperate from the paintings n drawings, like the poetry is, because, my photos of bereaverment from the photoshoot makes a large collection on its own and would push all my art to the back of my gallery. :( or maybe its just me and i should make a seperate account for my photography?

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