*A dip in the art ocean*

When I first discovered ‘redbubble’ I didn’t just dive straight in. Yes I create images that I like to look at, but would other people like looking at them to ?.

I am, like many other artists i’m sure, my own worst critic, and I haven’t always been brave enough to show the work I do. It’s not that I fear critism, positive critism is good, healthy even, It’s just that sometimes I don’t think my work is worthy. I have viewed hundreds of images here that I rate far above my own, but here I am, taking my first tentative dip in the art ocean, not the pond made up of my freinds and family. Here where there are hundreds of people like me, bravely showing their work to the world, bearing their souls for all to see.

After only a few hours of uploading the first image to my portfolio I had my first feedback, and it was very positive. What a great feeling it is to know that your art has touched someone thousands of miles away. What a great inspiration to see so many wonderfull images and to converse in this collective art conciousness. So I am spurred on, with new found confidence in what I do, I will continue to upload old and new works alike, I will happily swim here in this art ocean, and who knows, YOU might like my artwork to.

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