Victorian Bushfire Donations

Over the weekend I think all Australians were united in the terror and feeling of loss that these bushfires caused.
I watched with horror at the scenes being displayed on tv and worried for the lives and homes of my family and friends living in Kilmore, Kinglake and Wondong.
On Sunday evening I was informed of the tragic news that my best friend from Primary School along with her younger sister died while attempting to escape the fires in Kinglake Victoria. Many of my friends also lost their homes. This is something that is so hard to get my head around and to think that a lot of these fires were purposely lit.
As a tribute to my lost friends Mel and Penny I would like to contribute 100% of any sales I make to the bushfire fund to help those who have lost their homes.
My heart is with everyone affected by these fires and my thanks go to all the firefighters and volunteers who helped save so many other lives.

Rest in Peace Mel

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