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Folkllore Haunted House cast party, 11/2/12

Here are a few shots I grabbed from the party last Friday night.
Yeah, I love these people a lot!

Me and my bff and fellow makeup artist and crazy psychotic freak, Shannon.

me with my friend and Folklore actor/makeup leader, Du

Terry, Dan (who is one of the owners and a regular “walker” on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”), and myself

me and the beautiful and equally twisted Jennifer

Zach and Georgia

Shawna (our Dominatrix) and Larry

4 of the greatest guys! John, Rob, Larry, and Jonathan

Ashes and Du

Stephanie (our crazy library lady) and her man, Terry, our faceless demon

some of the freaks I work with (crappy photo, sorry!)
This is about 1/3 of the staff – the rest of the psychos were either bowling or in the arcade or having pizza.

Ashes and Shannon doin their thang.

Haley and Terry (on Haley’s phone was a photo of Terry in his clown costume, ChooChoo, but it didnt come out due to the flash)

Here is a photo of Terry as Choo Choo:

(sorry for the crummy photo – its not one of mine)

Katie and Jennifer, two makeup artists I had the pleasure with whom to work

Biker dude, Mike

Jessica, Dan, and Fayth

Elizabeth and Hayley feeding each other cake – I guess they are now married.

Terry kissing Shannon (love these two so much!)

Terry, Shannon, Shawna, and me (acting like a tard)

Elizabeth and me (again. Tard.) with Hayley doing an unknown photo bomb in the background.

I’m friends with all of these wonderful people so I wont have to wait til next year to see them. They are now my family, and will always be. I love you guys so much – thanks for the best October I have ever had.


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